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Hey Beauty, Thanks for stopping by! Think of this blog as the perfect place to hang out and spill all the tea! I've worked so hard to create a unique space to share content and I hope you love it just as much as I do! Take a look around and don't forget to subscribe.

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Currently… October

Welcome back to another blog post! Yay for two posts in one day! This post is one of my favorite recurring posts. It's a great way to summarize what's "currently" going on that month. And with me being so M.I.A. lately I thought you all deserved this! Plus they're super easy to share and ... READ the POST

Life Update Ep. 1

Oh My Gosh! I really need to get a consistent posting schedule together. I haven't been active since before I left for Greece. And wow it's almost already been a month since I got back! I can't believe how fast time is flying.  We are already into October and I have yet to put out any Fall Blog ... READ the POST

What’s in my Carry-On Bag – Greece 2018

Welcome back beauties! I know I have been quite M.I.A getting ready for my trip and now I'm battling a terrible cold after coming back. But nevertheless I have so much blog content that I just had to get out. So today's post is one I pre-wrote before leaving and never got a chance to upload. ... READ the POST

My Friday 5 Faves – Travel Bloggers

Hi Beauties,  Welcome back to my first Friday 5 Faves post. Every Friday I will try to share 5 of my favorite things in a post and feel free to share your favorite with me in the comments below! Today's theme is Travel Bloggers. I think I may have mentioned it before, but my dream is to one ... READ the POST

Easy Date Night OOTD

Hello Beauty,  I hope you're having an awesome weekend. I will be enjoying this rainy weather from the comfort of my couch cuddled up watching a movie. And that's a pretty perfect weekend for me.  Until our Greece trip we've been a little hesitant to go out and spend a lot of money. Although, ... READ the POST

My Current Workout Playlist

Hello Beauty, Welcome back to my blog for another post! Today I wanted to share my Current Workout Playlist, because I'm nosy and always want to know what everyone else is listening too. And rather than me hardcore creep on my neighbor running next to me, I thought I'd just share my playlist and ... READ the POST