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Hey Beauty, Thanks for stopping by! Think of this blog as the perfect place to hang out and spill all the tea! I've worked so hard to create a unique space to share content and I hope you love it just as much as I do! Take a look around and don't forget to subscribe.

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Why I Won’t Be Attending HerConference 2018

Why I Won't Be Attending HerConference 2018 Attention all bloggers! HerConference is right around the corner. Are you attending? Maybe think twice after today's post where I talk about my experiences at HerCampus 2017 and why I wont be attending HerConference 2018. *Disclaimer* It was a major ... READ the POST

Outfit Of The Day – OOTD – 2 Piece Sets

Hello Beauty, welcome to my first OOTD here on the blog. Today I'm sharing one of my go-to summer outfits, I'm talking about 2-pieces. I love putting together a quick and easy summer outfit, or any outfit for that matter. Especially on days its blazing hot or I don't want to try to look put ... READ the POST

The Truth About Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever wondered what all the hype is for eyelash extensions? Wonder no more, as we explore some FAQ about lash extensions! *Warning* Highly addicting! What Are Eyelash Extensions? Lash Extensions are individual synthetic fibers used to make your natural lashes appear fuller and longer. ... READ the POST

Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List When I relaunched my blog, I knew that one of the first blog posts I wanted to share was my Travel Bucket List. Partly to hold myself accountable but also so that you could share some of your bucket list trips with me to help me grow my list. Ideally, I want to make 1-2 trips ... READ the POST

My Welcome Back to Blogging

I have officially relaunched my blog! For the last year (off and on) I have been planning my return to blogging and I’m taking it very seriously. Well I'm going to try okay! I'm kicking off my relaunch with a two-part post, so stick around at the end to learn what the heck blogging even is and ... READ the POST