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Christmas Traditions – Blogmas Day 18

Would you consider this a Blogmas fail? I totally skipped a bunch of days. But on the bright side this is the most posts I've been able to upload for a challenge so I'm pretty proud of myself.  After a long long rainy meet weekend in Baltimore for Christmas on the Chesapeake my body is feeling ... READ the POST

This or That! Blogmas Day 13

Another quick post for today. Thought I'd keep it short since I'll be spending the weekend in Baltimore for Christmas on the Chesapeake. A pretty exciting meet for all the girls.  Hopefully I remember to take some pics and videos and will try and share some of the highlights to get another post ... READ the POST

Currently…December – Blogmas Day 10

Loving… Decorating for Christmas! It's my favorite season.  Watching… Just started rewatching Vampire Diaries. I think I'm going to try watching The Originals next. Any thoughts? Drinking… Its December so tons and tons of Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas from Starbucks!  Listening ... READ the POST

The Easiest Winter Outfit – Blogmas 2018 Day 9

I'm sure not too many other people feel this way but I really struggle with fashion in the winter months. Most of the time I settle for throwing on sweats and layers and a huge coat and call it a day. But that my friends is lazy. But also, I work in a gym so I'm not really going out anywhere. ... READ the POST

Netflix Christmas Movie Line-up

I am a sucker for every predictable and cheesy Christmas movie ever made. And to be honest, I've already seen all of these movies at least twice this season. #NoShame. Also yes, I realize its only the 8th day of December.  Just in case you aren't a complete freak with crazy amounts of time binge ... READ the POST

The Ultimate Would You Rather: Christmas Edition

So I totally didn't post yesterday and I don't even have a good reason. It's not that I didn't have anything to post I just completely forgot to schedule it to go live. UGH seriously.... So anyways instead of today's regularly scheduled post here's the one that was supposed to go up yesterday. ... READ the POST