Change is Good?

Soo… I have some explaining to do. These past two weeks I have been going through countless changes in my life and have been overwhelmed and uninspired to write. I recently just moved from West Virginia to Kansas City. I have called WV my home for the last 4 years and saying goodbye was hard. I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to go away for college and experience all that life has to offer. I am going to think of this as a see you later as I plan and hope to always return to Morgantown to visit friends and enjoy all the things I love most about West Virginia.

Besides saying goodbye to WV, saying goodbye to Kaalen was the most overwhelming thing I’ve had to do. I had been trying to stay strong for weeks leading up to the move but nothing could have prepared me for the emotions I felt saying goodbye. To spare you any sappy details, we are doing fine but it was in both of our best interest to be at home for the time being.

On a much lighter note, I am so excited to be at home. I get to see my friends and family whom I haven’t seen for years. I mean yes, I have been home in the last 5 years but only for a couple days at a time. Nearly not enough time to hang out with the people I care about.

Now that I am back I am excited to rebuild those relationships and be able to spend quality time with my friends and family.

I am working to gain back my inspiration to be able to write more consistently but I thought I owed a short explanation as to my disappearance.

Have faith in me and don’t give up! I promise to write soon!