First let me thank you for the participation on the last poll. Hopefully you all enjoyed my weekend activities blog and vlog. If you haven’t checked it out visit my post here.

Anyways, time for another poll. This week’s poll is all about making changes to ericasamone.com. I’ve been contemplating making some changes to the site and wanted to get your feedback.

After you take the poll, head to the comments and leave me some suggestions on things to change/keep the same. Any suggestions help! Thanks!

Would you like to see new changes on ericasamone.com?

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A few changes I’m thinking:

  • Theme. I’ve been looking at a few different themes for the past couple weeks and I get bored easily so I’m really considering changing themes soon. The themes I have been looking at are pretty image heavy/oriented and I think that will be a fun challenge for me. Plus it gives you all something nice to look at.
  • Collabs. I’m setting up a few different collaborations with other bloggers and hopefully some brands here in the near future. It gives my site some new content as well as my readers a chance to find other bloggers they might be interested in.
  • Routine posts. I don’t necessarily mean “routines” like the typical morning, night, school…routines, although I can definitely incorporate those, I mean more consistent theme postings. For example, Monday’s would be health/fitness related.

Those are a few of the main changes so be sure to keep an eye out for more!