Happy Halloween and Fall Favorites Tag

Happy Halloween!

Even though I have zero plans for this Halloween besides watching the World Series, GO ROYALS!!!! I couldn’t not post on Halloween. So for my special Halloween post I will be doing the Fall Tag (plus the addition of past Halloween costumes, since I won’t be dressing up this year!) Specifically, the Jaclyn Hill Fall Favorites tag. She is my absolute favorite Youtuber and if you don’t follow her you are missing out on life.

Anyways, I changed a few things because I don’t have specific “fall” makeup items besides lip colors. I hope you enjoy and hopefully your Halloween is more eventful than mine!!!

Fall Favorites

Candle: anything pumpkin

Lip Color: Anastasia Beverly Hills Sad Girl

Nail Color: Formula X Ignite (came in my Ipsy Bag)

Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte/Pumpkin Spice protein shake, caramel latte and vanilla latte

Clothing Item: Faux leather jacket (by far this is my favorite fall clothing item and probably my favorite item I own)

Movie (Fall): Halloween Town. Bringing it back to my Disney days.

TV Show: The Walking Dead (obsessed!)

Thanksgiving Food: Sweet Potatoes! (Wait for mouth to stop salivating…)

Halloween Costume: Mickey Mouse and Cowboys Cheerleader (still on my bucket list)!


I tag all of you to complete this fall tag and write your answers in the comments or tweet them to me!


Happy Halloween!