How-To Holiday Treats

Holiday Treats

My next post is surrounding an easy holiday treat! There is nothing better than snacks that are holiday themed. This snack is just that. Not to mention it takes about 4 minutes to make!

All you need to start with is a bowl and some popcorn (I recommend kettle corn). If you are anything like me, go ahead and pop 3 bags.Then add the popcorn to your bowl and add in red and green M&M’s, a handful or two… or three of white chocolate chips, some pretzels and mix it all together. There you go. I told you it was easy and all too tasty!

Feel free to add in any other holiday candy to put your personal touch on this tasty treat! And try melting the white chocolate chips over the entire mixture.

Be on the lookout for more holiday treats coming soon!

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That’s all I have for you,

Happy Holiday season and Happy Blogmas!

xo Erica