How- To Decorate for the Holidays

For today’s blogmas post I wanted to share my quick and easy Holiday decor dining table.

I recently just got a new kitchen table and it really needed some decoration. So with the holiday season I felt it would be the perfect time to make a beautiful table setting. I am obsessed with holiday inspired table settings so I had to recreate my own on a budget.

Everything I got to decorate my table was from Walmart.


Red table runners

Gold plastic plate

White shallow dish

Gold glitter pine cones

Mini stockings

I started by placing two red table runners across the table. In the middle where the table runners met I placed a gold plastic plate and a white shallow dish on top. On the shallow dish I spread out the pine cones placing the glitter dipped ones on top. I set the table with a dinner plate, a salad plate on top, and a bowl on top of that. Then I placed my cup next to it and placed all the silverware into mini stockings, Pinterest style.

I have to go back to pick up a few more items but number one on that list is the reindeer and christmas tree salt and pepper shakers I saw. Those are a must have, they were just too cute!

I’m obsessed with the way it looks and even my pine cones have an amazing aroma that makes my apartment smell just like Christmas. However, there are a couple of things I may change just for the sake of change. I was thinking about adding a layer of placemats. I saw some sparkly silver beaded ones at Walmart that I am going to have to pick up. Also, I want to take out some of my pine cones and add in my leftover red, white, silver and blue ornaments. That will give my table a more Christmas look.

I have so many diy projects that I want to do and not enough time to do them.

Before I end today’s blogmas post I wanted to share a couple of my decorating tips for the holiday.

  • Pick a color scheme.

I always pick a theme when I decorate my Christmas tree and because my floor plan is so open it made more sense to continue the theme throughout the living room and dining room/kitchen. When you pick a color scheme it makes decorating 10 times easier. Then you can pick an accent color to really throw in some personality.

  •  Keep the table set.

When you keep your table set it brings a sense of style to your dining room/kitchen table.  And why not show off your dinnerware rather than letting it sit in your cabinets. I just picked up a new set and this was the perfect way to show it off.

  • Find inspiration and make it your own.

My key to decorating any room is to find inspiration through Pinterest. Every color scheme, theme or diy ideas have come from Pinterest. Its the best place for inspiration and why not take advantage of it. My only advice is to try not to recreate the look exactly. Make it your own by adding in your own personality.  There are no rules to decorating, so make it your own style.

Well that’s all I have for you. It really doesn’t take a lot of time, effort or money to decorate your apartment holiday inspired. So I challenge you to create a beautiful holiday inspired dining table on a budget.

Be sure to share your creations with me!

Happy Blogmas!

xo Erica