Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas Wishlist

It happens every year…someone asks me what I want for Christmas and at first my answer is always “I don’t know” but then as Christmas gets closer my list grows and grows. I don’t think its too outrageous this year but I’m sure my mom or Kaalen will tell me otherwise!

I love looking at other peoples wishlist just to get an idea of what they like and I’ll admit I’m nosy so I just need to know for the sake of knowing. Sorry, not sorry!

So in case anybody else is as nosy as I am, which most people aren’t,here is my Christmas Wishlist

White and Rose gold headphones from Swenyo.

Because why not. I’m obsessed with the color white and rose gold so why not get headphones with both!!!

Camera stabilizer

I’m working on my videography skills so that I can eventually blog and shoot videos more often and make amazing quality videos when I do, so a camera stabilizer will really help with that.

Leather jacket

OBSESSED is not the word to describe how I feel about leather jackets. I need them. All of them! In every color and every style.

Leather leggings/pants

I just need them! That’s a good enough reason to put it on my list right?


My Macbook pro is on its last leg and holds a charge for about 30 minutes. Not to mention that it decides to just not work every once in awhile so thats pretty awesome! But because I’m really getting serious with my blogging I really need a new computer to keep up with me. I can’t always work from my desktop and I like to work all around the house or outside of the house and my desktop can’t always make that trip!


Not that I “need” anymore makeup I just “want” it.

New camera lens

I have had my eye on a new lens for some time now. I’m in love with the Canon EF 50mm 1.8 STM lens. I need it. It is the perfect lens for all my blogging and video needs.

Last but not least,

Bellami 12 in 1 Hair Styling Tools

Okay, so this is just too good to be true! You get 10 interchangeable curling wands, a straight iron and a mini blow dryer. IN LOVE!  Think of the endless hair styles you could create!!! Agh I get so exciting just thinking about it.

Well, here’s to hoping some of these items actually end up wrapped under my tree. Preferably with a big bow attached to it!

Happy Blogmas and Happy Holidays!

xo Erica