Living Room Holiday Decor


Happy Blogmas! Today’s post is all about Christmas decor.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well at least around my apartment it is. I can’t say that for the high 50’s and 60 degree weather outside. Like I mentioned in my last Holiday decor tips post (which you can read here) I absolutely love decorating for the Holidays.

So this week I focused on my living room decor. I’m not finished yet but I’ve got a good start. I have a pretty open floor plan, so my kitchen, living room and dining room all feel like one big room. It was important for me to keep this open feeling by staying with the same color theme. So in my dining room I focused on red and white. I started to really like the look of it so I kept it going in my living room. I originally had a big blue and white rug in my living room and I didn’t want to exchange that out just for the holidays. So I made it a red, white and blue holiday theme without stepping into the 4th of July theme.

Starting with my couch, I placed two dark blue pillows and two red pillows alongside a dark blue and wool throw blanket. This blanket is so soft it follows me everywhere I go in my apartment. Next, I took my fruit bowl and added my leftover pine cones and extra ornaments from my tree into it as my coffee table centerpiece. Eventually I want to get a couple clear vases and place candy canes and other holiday theme things inside.

Yesterday I worked on a couple other fun Pinterest things I came across. I saw a picture of a snowman on a door and I created my own. It only took a few minutes, some scrapbook paper and a pair of scissors. I cut two big circles for eyes, a triangle for the nose, strips for a scarf and smaller circles for buttons. It was super easy and turned out adorable.

Yesterday my mom was kind enough to help me put up my shelves. I’ve always liked the way shelves looked and I finally got some to put on my walls. After about 45 minutes trying to put up one shelf my mom gave up. It was such a hassle for just one shelf so that’s all we got accomplished.

However, I did create some really adorable wall art. So I came across some canvas art on Pinterest and just decided to recreate it for myself. I used and it came out so cute!

I’m still working on the tree little by little so don’t judge me.

It’s not much but for a girl on a budget it sure does feel nice!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my living room decor post for today’s Blogmas and I will keep you updated on other decorating projects I do!

Happy Holidays and Happy Blogmas!

xo Erica







  • Vivian

    Great ideas!

    • ericasamone

      Thank you!! I have some other ones I’m working on too. I’ll send you pics when I’m done