New Year, Healthy Hair

At the beginning of the year we start by making some ridiculous new year resolution that never really lasts more than two weeks. And that is completely fine, but this year I really challenged myself to be different. I didn’t necessarily make any life changing resolutions, yet achievable small goals.At the top of my list sits healthy sexy hair. I never feel more beautiful than when I am flaunting great hair. Great hair starts with healthy hair and I am on a mission back to healthy hair.

Here is a list of my Hair Do’s and Don’ts:

  • No heat…well attempt.
  • Deep condition once a week…or once every two weeks.
  • Use more oils
  • Get trims more often
  • Don’t wrap your hair in a towel
  • Don’t use a brush to brush out your hair
  • Use a wide tooth comb
  • And my least favorite Don’t
    • Don’t color your hair

In the back of my head I always question whether or not these tips will actually help. I have had the same hair length for about 2 years now and I’d really like my hair to start growing again while enjoying my urge to color and recolor my hair.

If you didn’t already know I am mixed with African American and Filipino. My hair type is very thick and curly, although over the past few years I have seen a dramatic change in my curls and overall hair appearance. I am a girl who favors change so it comes with no surprise I like to change my hair color, often too frequently. I have gone through colors as far as caramel blonde to bright red highlights. My hair has really suffered at my expense and I think twice before coloring now. I have to work extra hard at recovering from all of the damage I have done.50 Shades of Erica's Hair

Thankfully I have a solution. But first, take this quiz to test your hair care knowledge on some of the most popular Hair Do’s and Don’ts!

Hair Do's and Don'ts



Always shield your hair from sun exposure
Its okay to tie back your hair while wet
It is unnecessary to use a heat protectant when blow drying your hair
Hair cuticles open and close with hot and cold temperatures
Coloring hair during pregnancy is okay

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So…how’d you do?MR Hair Do%27s and Don%27ts

Good news is Madison Reed offers HEALTHY HAIR COLOR. If those aren’t the best things I have heard in one sentence then I’m not quite sure what is. I have dedicated a lot of my time on Pinterest to finding my next hair color and style (check out my hair inspiration here.) Recently I had completely written off that entire board in my goal for healthy hair but now I might start pinning again. Wait, who are we kidding, I am definitely going to start pinning… right now. If you need some inspiration for your next color be sure to take the Madison Reed Hair Color Advisor. This tool will recommend the best hair color options specifically for you. I just took the quiz and am already getting anxious for my next hair color venture.

I was recently introduced to Madison Reed and I wanted to share this information with all of my readers. Be sure to check out their products by visiting

Hopefully you learned a thing or two on hair care and join me through the journey of healthy sexy hair.

Let me know if you have heard of Madison Reed and your thoughts on their products. And don’t forget to leave me hair color suggestions in the comments down below and maybe I’ll even do a review of one of their products!

Until next time,