5 Valentine’s Day Dates That Don’t Suck

Valentine’s Day

There are three kinds of people, 1) Those who love/obsess over Valentine’s Day 2) Those who despise/hate Valentine’s Day and 3) Those who don’t care either way. Which category do you fall into?

I personally fall into the category of those who don’t care either way. Whether you love/hate or just don’t care about Valentine’s Day this post has something for you.

In today’s post I am sharing 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that don’t suck!

1) Build a fort and watch movies

One of my favorite things as a kid was building forts with blankets draped on chairs and couches and hiding inside with my favorite stuffed animals and pillows surrounding me. So why not recreate that love with your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, being more mature and a bit smarter now these forts turn out much more stable and grand. Although I won’t judge if it doesn’t turn out so. Grab some sheets, blankets, pillows, and maybe even some twinkle lights to really take your fort to the next level. Don’t forget the snacks and your laptop for movies if your TV doesn’t fit.

2) Netflix and Chill

So there is nothing wrong with staying in and watching Netflix this Valentine’s Day. Be sure you both get the chance to pick a movie or even try re-watching one of your favorite TV shows.

3) Cook dinner together

One of my favorite things in my relationship is cooking for Kaalen. I always enjoy cooking for him because he is always so appreciative and so deserving. I also really love when he offers to help me cook. It shows that he’s interested in something I’m excited about. So this Valentine’s Day try cooking a fancy meal with your significant other. I suggest trying a full 3 course meal and you can even search for inspiration for meals on Pinterest!

4) Wine and cheese tasting at home

For my birthday last year Kaalen took me to a wine tasting and we loved it (Check out that post here). It was our first time at a wine tasting and we had such a great time. It really helped me experience other wines and step outside of my comfort zone. I also learned a little about my own personal wine likes and dislikes. For Valentine’s Day stop by your local winery or grocery/liquor store and grab a few different types of wine. Then be sure to check out the cheese section to pick up some different types of chees to pair with your wine. At my local grocery they have suggested cheeses for different wines. I’m no expert and don’t worry you don’t have to be either. You never what you’ll like until you try it! Plus you get to do it with your significant other, and isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about.  Good Luck!

5) Make your own Drive-In Theatre

I’ve only been to the drive-in once but it was so much fun. This Valentine’s Day try loading up your back seat or trunk with blankets and pillows and don’t forget to load up on snacks and either go to the drive-in if available or bring your laptop to preview your own movies. Make sure you have Wi-Fi connection or use the Hotspot connection from your phone. Then go and park your car somewhere secluded but be sure not to get in trouble with any law enforcements (aka parking at a park after hours.)

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post and got a few ideas of your own for date this Valentine’s day or even just some new date night ideas.

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