Big 12 Basketball Championships

Big 12’s

This past weekend was the Big 12 Basketball Championships here in Kansas City. To be honest I have not been keeping up with too many WVU sports since graduating. I have been so wrapped up in everything else that I have been doing. I can’t even say that I have watched a single game this entire season. Which is so sad and I am so embarrassed to say because I still have friends on the team. Nevertheless, they were still kind enough to contact me when coming to town and asked if I wanted tickets to the game. Of course I wanted to go!

Unfortunately I missed the first game on Thursday night because I had to work. I was praying they won so that I could make it to the game on Friday night. I kept up with the entire game through my phone any chance I got. Thankfully they won and moved on to the next day.

So when Friday night rolled around to say I was excited was an understatement. I got off at 7:30 and had to get ready in the bathroom at work and headed straight downtown to meet up with my  mom and best friend. I met up with them at will call and we walked through a sea of Jayhawk fans the entire way to our seats. We didn’t have the best view but I was just happy to be supporting WVU and watching the game. It was such a great game and the most intense final 2:00 I have ever seen. Hopefully you watched the game but in case you didn’t the last 1.8 seconds of the game was insane. WVU was up and we just knew there was no way OU could score with such little time on the clock. Sure enough, they through one in at the buzzer and it went in… I was devastated and really just wanted to cry. West Virginia played so hard the entire game facing adversity from some pretty terrible refs. The second it went in the players all jumped in the stands and were beyond boasting of their lucky win. I never felt more sick in my entire life than in those few minutes. Everyone was quiet and finally the shot was denied and WVU won. I was so relieved that again I felt like crying.

And then I realized we would be playing KU tomorrow and I got extremely nervous. Not because I was afraid of losing but because the entire arena would be filled with Jayhawk fans. I mean WV is a 13 hour drive and you have to be a VERY committed fan to make that trip. Other than the families and friends that attended through the players reserved tickets there were a few Mountaineer fans in the arena. Of course they were lost in a sea of red and blue so it was hard to make them out.

I won’t go over all the boring details of the game but it was a really great game. The Mountaineers did start to lose momentum and that is exactly when KU started to turn it up. I was really into sports during school and now I don’t get into sports and I don’t really make it out to a lot of sporting events so this was a big deal for me. I was just so happy to be able to support my school and friends in Kansas City and watch them play.

This entire Big 12 weekend brought up a lot of unexpected emotions for me, not really basketball related but in general. I really started to miss being in college and being around my teammates and friends. Since graduating I fell out of contact with so many people who I was so close with and this weekend brought back a lot of those memories. For some reason this post was really hard for me to write because I just didn’t want to think about it anymore but I had such a great weekend!

I guess I never realized how much I love WVU and how blessed I was to be able to attend such an amazing school. I so badly want to be a freshman and experience it all over again! I know that chapter of my life has ended and a part of me took that for granted but I am so thankful now. It’s weird how a few conversations and one sporting event has made me think about so many of my college experiences but I’m so glad that it has.

Even though WVU may have lost it was so great to be able to support my school here in KC and cheer them on one more time.

P.S. oh and did I mention we sat in the second row!!!!!! 🙂

Forever a Mountaineer,

  • I am SO jealous you got to go to a game post-grad! Though I wouldn’t have wanted to go now because of the (embarrassing) loss to SFA, I was dying to go when they were playing the first NCAA round in Broolyn (about an hour from where I live).

    The saying “once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer” is said for a reason. I have seen very few schools that pull alumni back as much as WVU does.

    Darrian ||

    • ericasamone

      Omg it was so fun! But yes so embarrassing! I wish I could have gone to the NCAA game too!! It’s crazy how easily I fell right back into my WVU days. I really miss it. When I soon move out to New Jersey/New York we will definitely have to get together!