Spring Wardrobe Inspiration

Time to create the perfect Spring Wardrobe

It wasn’t until this Fall that I actually started creating a seasonal wardrobe. Before, my classifications were basically short sleeve and light = summer & spring, long sleeve and heavy = fall & winter. My go-to fashion during my college days were basically West Virginia sports gear provided by the gymnastics team. Throw in the occasional jeans and top and there you go. To be honest, most days I was one of the more “dressed up” of my classmates, as they usually strolled in with sweatpants, hoodies and ball caps and don’t forget the sunglasses. The roll right out of bed look was also quite popular, but none more popular than the “I went out last night/walk of shame” I spotted on campus most days of the week.

I’ve always loved fashion and find my style to be very simplistic. I like easy outfits. One that doesn’t take a lot of thought to put together. And since starting my blog and pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone I finally decided to be an adult and build seasonal wardrobes. I’m currently working on my spring one now. I have a pretty good start with some really cute spring pieces and I found myself searching Pinterest for more ideas.

So I thought I’d share my spring finds with you in case you wanted to build and get some inspiration for your spring wardrobe too! I mean who doesn’t love a good shopping spree!

Pins I’m loving:

627f509acf116bec533d3fd9ee10310cThree things about this pin that I love,

#1 Carli Bybel

She is my style icon and I love watching her Youtube videos and I love reading her fashion blog which you can check out here.

#2 the romper

Why it works for spring:

Like I said I love simplicity and nothing is more simple than throwing on a romper some shoes and grabbing a jacket on my way out the door and I’m done! This floral pattern screams spring so this is a must for me.

#3 the trench cardigan

I have seen these everywhere and I am totally loving it.

Why it works for spring:

This light weight cardigan is ideal for spring. Great for throwing over any outfit when that spring breeze comes mid-day.

Pin #2



Why it works for spring:

Kimonos are perfect for throwing over anything. In this pin it takes a very basic outfit and adds a pop of color and print. I also love to throw kimonos over my favorite dresses and it adds a new layer of flair.

Pin #360bbd94cfdb3d90d5c219843a2e63278

Colored/Printed pants or jeans

Why it works for spring:

Spring and Summer are such a fun time to experiment with color. It’s the obvious choice to try color in shirts, clutches, shoes and jewelry. But fashion is about going outside of your comfort zones sometimes so why not do it with pants. Now I’m not sure if I’m bold enough to go with these floral pants but color I can do any day!



b5e8a8de2244ed0b744499183bc692d0Pin #4

Maxi skirts

Why it works for spring:

I love maxi skirts and I love t-shirts. Throw them together and your look is complete…Yes, count me in! This look is slouchy but put together and the clutch gives it a flirty touch. See fashion can be lazy too!!









Pin #54aa577e5b57086837944c62e453ef0fa

Pink and Grey

Why it works for spring:

I have been loving this blush color lately and it is THE perfect spring shade. And do I need to even mention they grey? Grey is one of my favorite colors. I’m obsessed. So this outfit screams sexy and feminine and I absolutely love it!

Hopefully you found some inspiration to build a beautiful spring wardrobe!

Which pin was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to go like my Facebook page!