New Poll Is Up!

New Poll

Hey everyone,

So it’s that time again that I need your feedback on my website. I have a new poll for this month and I need your help by voting in the poll! I’m always looking to improve my site so feel free to send me suggestions or post ideas.

What do you want to see next? What questions do you want answered? What things are you curious about? Tell me in this month’s poll! Thanks in advance.

Also, every Thursday I am going to be doing a Throwback Thursday post and this Thursday’s Throwback is to my Summer Dates in Morgantown. Three things I miss dearly, 1) Summer: get here sooner!!! 2) Date nights: long distance sucks… 3) Morgantown: take me home, country roads! 🙁

Did you catch my latest post? If not read it here.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.