Friday Faves

Happy Friday!

Friday Faves

I am going to try to start doing Friday Faves each week. From time to time this may consist of a blog post or a short discussion held on my Facebook Page which you should go and LIKE right now! Go ahead I’ll wait…

Okay, so like I was saying this Friday Faves will feature my favorite skin care products. I have really been trying to take care of my skin and get into a daily skin care routine. I was stopped at the mall last Sunday and usually I don’t give the workers at kiosks the time of day. However, my cousin and I were in no kind of hurry so we decided to listen to their sales pitch.

Well I am totally glad that we had because I have found the most amazing skin care products! I’ve been using the same skin care products for quite a while now and they work okay but nothing amazing. I was totally blown away by these products and I will be sure to buy them again after I run out. Which let me say won’t be for a very very long time.

So the company’s name is Forever Flawless. Their skin care products are all infused with diamond powder. The diamond powder gently exfoliates the skin which allows for vitamins and moisturizers to penetrate the skin. Trust me, at first it is a little disgusting how the skin just wipes right off. It is like nothing I have ever seen in my life.

While at the kiosk we sampled 3 of their products. First, we tried the body scrub. Just like any other body scrub you may have tried but this leaves your skin baby soft peeling away layers of dead skin. It is recommended to use the scrub only once or twice a week. I’ve already used it on my legs and feet and they have never been so soft in my life. Other body scrubs I have used typically wear off after a few days but this scrub has left my skin smooth for the last 5 days. The body scrub is part of their Brilliance collection and retails for $79.00 and was offered the scrub for $30 so I had to get it.

The second product we tried was the body butter which is recommended to use after the body scrub. I absolutely loved the body butter as well. The tiniest bit goes such a long way. I have been using it for my body and face for the past five days and it still looks as if it hasn’t been opened. One swipe of a finger and you are good to go. The thing I love about the body butter is my skin stay moisturized for hours, even after I wash my hands. The salesperson told me your skin will stay moisturized for 2-3 days but of course I wasn’t buying that. But after I got home and tested it for myself I was shocked. My hands were still soft and moisturized 1-2 washes later. After the second to third wash my hands started to get dry but I was really blown away. The body butter is also part of their Brilliance collection and also retails for $79.00 but she gave it to me for free because I was purchasing the scrub and the next product we tested out.

The third product we tried was the Facial Peeling Gel. This by far is the most luxurious product and high end. I was nervous to test the product out on my face because I have very sensitive skin and still wanted to do some shopping around the mall without the possibility of a reaction. So we tested it out on my wrist and my cousin tried it on his face. AMAZING. The salesperson applied a small amount onto my wrist and rubbed the product in and as soon as she did the dead skin ever so gently started to peel off. It was the most disgusting satisfying thing I have ever seen. Then we wiped away the skin and dirt with a small cotton ball. The same happened for my cousins face. To say I was left speechless was an understatement. My skin was so soft and surprisingly a shade lighter! After that I was sold and ready to sign my life away! The product retails for $179.00 but she gave it to me for $90.00.

It may not have been the best deal but compared to prices online and getting an entire product free I was satisfied with my purchase. I went from having to spend $337 to spending $120.

I’m already such a big fan of these products and am so excited to see the long term effects on my skin. The short term effects are amazing so I have high hopes! I’ll be sure to do an update.

I totally recommend these products and I get so excited for my Sunday night when I can use my scrub and face peel!


By the way I was not paid to write this. The company has no idea who I am, I just thought I would share my experience and review the products for all of you! All of the opinions in this post are 100% mine!

P.S another one of my Friday Fave Skin Care Products is the Fango Mud Therapy mask I received in my Ipsy bag. Be sure to check out my opinions on that post here.

What are your Fave Skin Care Products? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Happy Friday Faves!