10 Summer Clothing Must Haves

I am finally working on building my Summer wardrobe which makes this the perfect time to write a post about my 10 Summer Clothing Must Haves. I am so excited that Summer is here because Summer clothing is my absolute favorite!

I already have so many plans for the Summer of things I want to do including my list from my most recent post, which you can read here. Hopefully this heat calms down a bit because nothing on this list is going to get done if it stays in the high 90’s this entire Summer!

So whether you are enjoying your Summer from the comfort of your home, relaxing on vacation or just running around the town, build your Summer wardrobe around these top 10 Must Haves.

10 Summer Clothing Must Haves

Off The Shoulder Tops

I have been obsessing over off the shoulder tops lately and they make the perfect Summer Clothing Must Have this year. Long sleeve or short sleeve, casual or dressy they show just the right amount of skin and a great way to stay cool on those Summer nights.

Try this one, or this one, and this one.

Gladiator Shoes

To be honest I was really not a fan of the gladiator shoes when the trend started. I have finally jumped on the bandwagon, even though I have yet to purchase a pair of my own. After searching all over Pinterest for outfit inspiration and seeing them everywhere I finally caved and decided I liked the look of them. They are very bohemian which really isn’t my style but I’m trying to switch things up. I actually have a few outfits in mind that would look super cute with a pair of high leg gladiators.

Loving these, and these, and can’t forget these!

Short Shorts

Would it really be Summer if you didn’t break out those short shorts? I didn’t think so! As I was switching my closet over to all my Summer clothes I realized I had ZERO shorts, at least any that fit or that I liked! 🙂 So I immediately ran to the mall and picked up 3 pairs. Luckily, Forever 21 was having a sale and I picked a few up for only $5!!! Might be making another stop to the mall again here pretty soon.

I have these, and these, and try these.


I love love love bodysuits! I think they are so sexy and who doesn’t love an outfit that is as easy as throwing on something that looks effortless. Some of my favorite looks are those of a body suit with a pair of nice jeans and some heels and a slick pony tail. I think it is such a classic and sexy look. And they can even be super casual which is awesome. As I’m building my Summer wardrobe best believe this will be something I pick up.

Loving all of these.

Crochet Tops

I currently own 1 crochet top now and absolutely love it. I really only wear it in the Summer time for obvious reasons but it keeps me so cool and can be worn as casual or dressy depending on the bottoms I wear with it. I usually end up wearing it with a bralette underneath and a pair of jeans or white shorts, throw on some sandals and head out the door.

Obsessing over this one, own one similar to this one.

Rompers/ Jumpsuits

I like easy outfits and there is no easier outfit than a romper or jumpsuit. I mean, its 1 piece. Throw on some jewelry, slide on a pair of sandals or heels and you are ready to walk out the door. Nothing more has to be said! 🙂

Buying this one, and this one.

Floral Print

There is no better or easier way to build a feminine wardrobe than by throwing in a few floral pieces. I have a few pieces now but I definitely am in need of a few more pieces. Here are a few I have my eyes on:

Need this one, and this one.

Maxi Dresses/Skirts

Maxi dresses and skirts are perfect for the Summer because they are so light and breezy. I have about 4 maxi skirts that I have been itching to break out and I can’t wait for the perfect occasion to wear them. Maxi dresses, just like rompers or jumpsuits are great for making stylish outfits look super easy!

Try this one, and this one.

Summer Hats

Who doesn’t love floppy hats! I look for every excuse in the book to wear mine. They are perfect because they block out the sun and keep you cool while still looking stylish…count me in! Here are a few of my favorites to get you started.

Need this one, and this one.


Wouldn’t be Summer if I didn’t try to wear wedges as much as possible. I have soo many pairs of wedges that I don’t know what to do with myself. This is probably the only item on my list that I don’t need to get! 🙂

Love these, and these.

Is anyone else in the mood to go shopping now?!

Hopefully my post helps you build your Sumer wardrobe! What are your Must Haves for this Summer? Be sure to let me know in the comments below and tweet me pics of your Summer outfits!

Sweet Sweet Summertime!

  • Me too I so love off shoulder tops however, I need to invest in one tehehehe.
    Ahhh but, weather here has really pushed me into looking at my winter closet for jumpers/sweaters. I so need to experience American summer !!!