Fall Fashion Essentials

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Fall fashion is my absolute favorite. I love layering and wearing oversized sweaters to keep me comfy throughout the day. So grab your comfiest blanket and a cup of coffee and cozy up with me in my Fall Fashion Essentials post. 

Fall has to be my most favorite season of all time! I am just obsessed with the colors and smells. So you can imagine my excitement experiencing Fall in the City this year. Let’s just tell Winter to skip us this year though…

So let’s all take a second to say a formal goodbye to our Summer wardrobes. It’s about time I start clearing out my warm weather clothes and hanging up my Fall attire.

Although, lets be honest I still have some unpacking to do anyways!

In the transition of moving I got rid of so many of my clothes, which I guess is a good thing in order to make room for a new wardrobe. But this Fall I am definitely looking to these Fall fashion essentials to be the star of my wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Essentials


I love a great blanket scarf. So many fun and fashionable ways to wear one. Seriously go pick one up now!

Like this one. Or this one. 

Floppy Hat

This is seriously one of my favorite accessories right behind my leather jacket. Something about floppy hat just makes an entire outfit so chic. I’m obsessed!


Does this one even need an explanation…no I didn’t think so. So here are a few of my favorite booties.

These are my absolute favorite booties ever! They hurt like hell but trust me they are totally worth it! HAHA. I currently own them in black but don’t be surprised if by the end of the season I own every color! 😉

Oversized Sweaters

What is more comfy than wearing an oversized sweater over a pair of leggings and headed out for the day? I’ll answer for you, nothing. Talk about easy fashion. Seriously it doesn’t take much effort to look cute in the Fall.

Which is another fantastic reason I love it so much!

Military/ Bomber Jacket

I love my military jacket for so many reasons. I bought it a size bigger than usual so that I could throw on a ton of layers underneath. But it also is the easiest way to pull together a look when you feel like being lazy. Which is me most days!

I have a couple bomber jackets in mind and I can’t wait to buy them. They are just too cute!!!!

Love the color of this one!  Always have to have black too! 

If you are looking for more Fall Fashion be sure to check out one of my fellow HerCampus Influencers post by clicking the link below!

5 Must Have Pieces for Fall

And keep checking back during my Blogtober Series for more fashion posts!





  • I really love the mustard one too !!! Deffoooo a Fall/Autumn colour !!!

    • ericasamone

      Yeah!! I have to get it! Lol