5 Friday Favorites

Hey everybody! For today’s blog post I wanted to quickly share my 5 Friday Favorites from the week.

So here it is…

5 Friday Favorites

Fall TV Shows

It’s no surprise I’m obsessed with tv. Lately I have been watching Empire (and secretly loving the soundtracks) and I’m so happy Greys Anatomy is back on. I’m really looking forward to Walking Dead coming back on in a few weeks and I’m thinking about starting a few new shows. I recently got into the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Lauren and Ben have a new spinoff show coming to Freeform that I’m thinking about watching.

greys                                        empire

Contour Cream Kit

I’ve had my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit for almost a year now. When I first bought it I didn’t use it as often as I wanted to but recently I finally unpacked most of my makeup and decided to give it a try. And every day this week I’ve been reaching for nothing but this kit. The kit comes in 3 shades; light, medium and dark. I purchased the medium shade. I also bought the matching kit in powder to set my makeup which helps with setting my foundation. For my base color I mix the nude and cinnamon shades and then I mix banana and cream for my under eye highlight. And then I use the chocolate shade for contouring. I blend it all out with a damp beauty sponge or my favorite face blending brush and I’m ready to go. The shades do dry out a little but a slight drop of beauty oil does the trick. I didn’t have any on hand this morning so I used my Moroccan oil for my hair and it worked out just perfect! Contour Kit

Erin Condren Planner Stickers

If you didn’t know, I’m completely obsessed with my planner. And I’ve recently taken it to new levels. Have you heard of Plan With Me’s on YouTube? If not, stop what you’re doing and see why I am so obsessed!

Anyways, I spent way too much money on sticker sets for my planner to keep me even more organized than I am already. But they look so amazing in my planner. I’ll be sharing photos and maybe even video of my own soon! I’ve never been more in love with my planner! 🙂

If you find yourself obsessing over stickers make sure you check out her Etsy shop here!

Keurig Coffee Maker

I LOVE COFFEE! Like love on another level! But I absolutely hate how expensive Starbucks can be. I usually only go when I have gift cards because I can’t justify spending that much on coffee.

Really missing my little Diamond gems! They used to bring me Starbucks’ gift cards so I wouldn’t be grumpy during practice! HAHA

So every day this week I have been making a cup of coffee before heading out for the train. And I must say I have missed coffee. I ran out of all my pumpkin spice K cups so I’m using my Donut Shop ones and they are just as delicious. A definite must have before my journey into the city!

Blog Love

This is definitely the top fave of my 5 Friday Favorites. I have been receiving so much love from other bloggers and friends and family on my blog this week and I am so appreciative. Blogging started out as a hobby of mine and now I’m turning it into my business and it makes me feel so amazing to hear others enjoying my blog as much as I have. I put so many hours of constant work into my blog and I love when others see that.

I am so thankful for all of my supporters! You have not gone unnoticed! Thank you!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my short post for today and I hope you check back tomorrow for the next Blogtober post!

What are your 5 Friday Favorites? Share in the comments below!