Warm Weather Fall Fashion

Happy Blogtober!

AGH! My first Blogtober fail! I was doing so well with consistent uploads until yesterday! Apologies. But I do have a pretty good excuse. I have had consistent migraines for so long and the last 3 days have been miserable. But anyways, I took the day off and went to visit my best friend who lives about 2 hours away and had no intentions of uploading! So, because of not uploading yesterday and being a little behind in my planning schedule for posts throughout the week I thought I would just share a short post with you today and then bang out some longer posts through the week. I decided to share my warm weather fall fashion picks.

Warm Weather Fall Fashion

So one of my favorite times during fall is the transitional phase from warm weather fall fashion to cold. The weather here in NY/NJ has been a little chilly and I feel the warm weather fashion period passed so quickly. But, Friday was SUCH a beautiful day in the city. It seemed like the sun was shining so bright and everyone whipped out their warm weather fashion.Unfortunately, I am innately cold. Especially in the office where it seems to be an ice cooler everyday, so I didn’t dress accordingly. And I’m wishing I had because I know those days are limited now.

My favorite way to incorporate fall into my wardrobe is by the colors. I’m obsessed with fall colors. I really need to build my wardrobe because it’s a little bare right now. Especially after moving and getting rid of quite a bit of my clothes.

Anyways, so here are a few pics of one of my warm weather fall fashion outfits. Hopefully, if the weather permits I can upload a few new ones! 🙂

Outfit Details:


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Thanks for joining me in today’s Blogtober post! See you tomorrow!