Story Time: How I Met My Boyfriend

how I met my boyfriend

Happy Blogtober!

Finally another blog post! I have been losing momentum lately and getting a little lazy but here I am with another post. I’m sure that people know the story of how I met my boyfriend but I’ve been getting a lot of new readers and subscribers. Besides, I talk about Kaalen in most posts anyways! So I guess its time to share the details of our relationship.

Here is my story time of how I met my boyfriend

So it was around December my Junior year of college and I was living at one of the nicest and newest apartment complexes in Morgantown, The Domain. A complex made of about 12 or so buildings with a gorgeous pool and view from a top a hill so you could see all of Morgantown. Well, one day I was walking into my apartment when I saw a flyer posted to my front door. It basically detailed a party that two guys were throwing in another building. I saw these flyers all over and thought to myself how stupid are they to invite the entire complex?IMG_1990

Obviously pretty dumb! But I never ended up going to the party….I wonder how it was!

Well I’m quite nosy and needed to know just who was dumb enough to post flyers all over and luckily their twitter names were listed. So I added both names and went about my week. As the week went by and I spent time on Twitter I realized just how hilarious these two guys were. They had quite the following on Twitter and were always making jokes or trashing something on the internet. Kaalen in particular would always tweet #ThirstHours at midnight indicating it was scheming time.

It was soon Winter break and my best friend Jaida was staying with me at my apartment and we decided to go out. We really only went to one club because it was the only club on High Street that really played hip hop, Karma, or as the young kids know today as Lux. Which trust me is not the same… Anyways, we were hanging out at a table upstairs and Jaida was complaining to me about her feet hurting and that she wanted to go home. So of course, I ignored her and went downstairs. I spotted Kaalen and had to go up to him. I was so determined to tell him how funny he was and how he was my favorite person to follow on Twitter.

Did I mention that I was completely intoxicated?

We struck up conversation for the rest of the night which was probably only an hour or so. And as best you can in a club with music blasting. Jaida finally got over her feet hurting and came downstairs to dance a little. But the club was closing soon so I made her leave. As I was left Kaalen told me not to be a stranger. So the minute I left the club a notification pops up on my phone saying @KaaJackson has sent you a direct message. I was so shocked but it was very sweet. I can’t for the life remember exactly what it said but he did say that I should text him and we needed to hang out sometime.

For the rest of winter break I didn’t really hear from him and let him tell you the story he will say I ignored him. The next time I remember us talking was in January. It was the weekend after New Years Eve. He invited me and a few friends over to his apartment for a party. He was celebrating his birthday which is New Year Day. It was so awkward because it was the first real time we were hanging out (not already drunk). Plus there were other girls there who we didn’t know. We stood in the corner very anti social to assess vibes and because we didn’t really know anyone. Well Kaalen so was such a sweetheart and stood right by us the entire night to make us feel welcome.

Now, I don’t really remember anything in between but I do know that after that day we talked and saw each other almost everyday since. And now we have been together 2 years and 10 months.

Did I also mention that it took him a year to finally ask me to be his “official girlfriend”????

Yeah…an entire year!

So really we’ve been together 3 years and 10 months 😉IMG_2090

I’m sure there are so many details missing but I have short term memory loss so….. my bad! I have so many great and not so great relationship story times if you all are interested! Just let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the story of how I met my boyfriend!

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