How to Be Productive in 5 Easy Steps

What’s going on everyone!

I have officially missed 3 days of Blogtober! Which honestly isn’t too bad if you ask me. But fear not my readers because I am back today with a brand new post. And today I am sharing my top tips on how to be productive.

We could all be a little more productive in our daily life. And that goes for myself too. I don’t know anyone who jumps right out of bed first thing in the morning ready to conquer the world. Maybe after 10 minutes of looking over social media, a nice hot but not too long shower and a cup or two of coffee.

I may not be super productive first thing in the morning but I do a really great job at getting done what I need in a day. And that’s because I follow these 5 easy steps!

How to Be Productive in 5 Easy Steps

Get a planner

I am completely and overly obsessed with planners. You will probably see me more involved in writing things out in my planner before you see me scrolling through my Twitter timeline.

I love my planner that much!

I actually have two planners that I use daily. One for my daily activities and things I need to get done around the house as well as at my internship. And my second one I use solely for my blog. Both planners keep me on track and I write down everything I need. Without my planners my mind would be going 100 mph.

My biggest planner tip is to find one that works with your schedule. For example, my blogging planner is an hourly planner. I chose this format because it helps me visualize what time certain things need to happen. So if I post at 9 a.m. on Monday then a few hours later I can write in to send a reminder tweet or schedule a Facebook post.

However, my daily and internship planner is set up differently. This vertical planner helps me block out my day in three parts. Morning, Afternoon, and Night. This works the best for my work schedule because assignments aren’t given by hours.

Write a Top 3

Make a daily top 3 MUST DO! I like to do this so that I can focus on 3 major tasks before handling anything else. It gives yourself a focused way to start your day. Reward yourself for completing all 3 tasks and move them over to the next day if you don’t. It’s really that simple!

Give yourself time limits

Maybe its something I learned in gymnastics and maybe its natural, but I work really well under pressure. I like to give myself time limits to get things done. Especially when it comes to writing blog posts. I never know what I want to write but I sit down in front of my computer and give myself an hour to complete an entire post from drafting to uploading. It usually works but for the times it doesn’t I go to the next step! 🙂

Take a Break

Give yourself a break once in a while. Get up and walk around or just stand up and stretch. Those few minutes of mental relaxation will help you refocus your thoughts and get you back on track. I also like to work in bursts of energy. So about every twenty minutes I’ll take a 5 minute break. Breaking up the time really helps! And will push you to get things done in a timely manner.

Unplug from social media

This is probably the number 1 way to be productive. There is nothing more distracting than taking a look at what people are talking about every 3 minutes on Twitter. Or peaking at who liked your most recent photo on Instagram. Or in my case, receiving texts right as I’ve hit a writing groove!!!! :/ Nonetheless, there is an easy solution. Disconnect yourself from social media. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb, turn it on airplane mode or just turn it off altogether. Trust me, you won’t die taking an hour away from your phone.

Plus, you can reward yourself with all the phone time you can imagine!


Well I hope you enjoyed today’s post and hopefully see you in tomorrow’s post!

And be sure to share your productive tips in the comments below!