I Need Your Help!

Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by the site to read today’s post. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually gotten to write and post for Blogtober. But don’t get your hopes too high for today because I’m doing something different.

Still trying to get back in the regular schedule of writing and posting daily!

I’ve been working on a few new series that will likely be coming up in the next few short weeks and one of those is based completely around relationships.

So as my readers I need your help!

If you didn’t know, I like to consider myself as a “self-proclaimed” relationship guru. And because of my self-made title I want to do a new series all about relationships to prove said title to all of you! lol

Anyways, back to where you come in… I need help with questions that readers might have regarding relationships so that I have a better understanding and direction to gear my posts.

So maybe you have questions about dating advice, or long distance relationships, or even specific situations in which I can lend a helping hand (or I guess in my case word). I’m here to help! I mean that is what this blog is for anyways!

What’s the best way to send me questions? Well that’s easy, there are several ways.

  • email at erica_samone@outlook.com
  • social media – @erica_samone
  • leave a comment on this blog post

I’ll even be posting a few reminders on Facebook so if you’re my friend on there you can just drop a question in the comments!

I can’t wait to read your questions and offer a lending word! 🙂

So don’t forget to leave me lots of amazing relationship questions wherever you want!

And if you’re looking for some really great date ideas make sure you check back for tomorrow’s post! 😉

*Which is 75% written as of right now so that thing is most definitely being uploaded tomorrow!!!

See you tomorrow!