Road Trip Must-Haves

Road Trip Must-Haves

Road Trip Must-Haves

“Got a case of wanderlust? Grab your girl gang and hit the road with these must-haves”

I really love road trips but actually get pretty car sick 10 minutes in! LOL. As I was making my flatlay for this photo I found myself grabbing all my favorite road trip essentials and decided it would be a good idea to kill two birds with one stone and do a double post. So here is my list of Road Trip Must-Haves

Sony a5100 Camera

  • I’m starting to get more comfortable with vlogging and hopefully am able to editing and posting some vlogs for you all. My camera is one of my most prized possessions. I love bringing it with me just about anywhere I go to capture moments and memories. So when going on a road trip with some of my favorite people this is an absolute must!


  • I  LOVE COFFEE!  I wouldn’t be able to get through a day without it. So when I’m going to be in a car for hours at a time driving and usually with a very uninteresting surrounding coffee is necessary!


  • If I don’t bring Dramamine you can count on me sleeping the entire ride, that is unless you want me to get sick. Without my motion sickness pills I wouldn’t be able to do anything in the car.


  • I always bring magazines or books along for the ride to keep me or my passengers occupied. Lately I have been loving any Travel, Home Décor or Food and Recipe magazines.


  • I’m like a soccer mom with snacks when it comes to road trips. I always come prepared. I love packing sandwiches, chips, granola bars and fruit snacks. And don’t forget the drinks!!!


  • I like bringing a clutch with me for a few reasons. When I don’t feel like lugging my huge purse around its nice to have the essentials in a small clutch I can hook on my wrist. And it’s an essential “going out” necessity.


  • Does anyone go anywhere without their phone attached to their hip now days?

Road Trip Playlist

  • The perfect playlist is essential to any road trip. Upbeat tunes to keep the entire crew moving! (You can even steal some songs from my last blog post: my go-to workout playlist)

If you sit shot-gun take your job very seriously! 😉

Emergency/Essential makeup kit products

  • It’s always a good idea to keep some essential makeup items with you at all time. You never know when you may need a touchup!
    • My essentials:
      • mascara
      • nude lip gloss
      • foundation
      • eyeshadow

Good Company

  • There is nothing better than reflecting on old stories and catching up with friends on a long drive.

Comfy Clothes

  • Especially if I’m the driver I have to be comfy, there is no other way to travel than in a pair of leggings and a comfy t-shirt.


  • Goes without saying right?!

Okay so who’s ready to plan a road trip?!


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