Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for him

Happy Saturday everyone! What are your weekend plans? Anybody celebrating Valentine’s Day early? I’ll be spending the weekend planning out blog posts as usual. But hey, can’t complain here it’s what I love to do! To continue my Valentine’s Mini-Series I didn’t want to leave out our better halves so I made a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him. If you didn’t get a chance to read the first two posts be sure to catch up here:

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Make this Valentine’s Day special and really make your SO feel special by treating them this year. You may notice the gifts on this guide are pricier than those listed on my previous gift guide and this is completely intentional. Valentine’s Day is not a one-sided holiday and it’s time to stop thinking we deserve to be spoiled on this one day of the year.

So flip the script and spoil the one you love with my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

Valentine's Gift Guide For Him

Google Home / Ralph Lauren Polo Red / H&M Bomber Jacket / Nike Slides / Braun Electric Shaver / Ray Ban Aviator

The Details:

  1. Google Home – In the exact words of Kaalen Jackson “Why not, that shit’s lit!” But seriously I kind of agree. Who doesn’t want a Google Home. Smart technology for the home is just about the coolest gift ever. Or am I just getting too old??? Oh God! Anyways, ladies you can’t go wrong choosing this for your guy!
  2. Ralph Lauren Polo Red – This may or may not have gotten added to list for my own personal benefit. This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE cologne for men. Kaalen could probably care less about it but every time I walk by a bottle I can’t help but take a quick spray shower. It just smells that good!
  3. H&M Bomber Jacket – With spring around the corner and Winter making quite an impression on its way out a bomber jacket is just the perfect gift for your sweetie. Bomber jackets are both trendy as well as practical for layering underneath.
  4. Nike Slides – Every guy needs a pair of Nike Slides. Heck, they’ll probably go through about 5 or 6 pairs in a few years.
  5. Braun Electric Shaver – Show your love this Valentine’s and spend your money on an electric shaver for your man. Take his skincare just as serious as you take your own!
  6. Ray Ban Aviator – Who doesn’t love a great pair of sunglasses! And, there’s no other brand better than Ray Bans.

What items would you put on your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him?

For the next couple days be sure to check back for more Valentine’s themed posts and even a few throwback posts!

See you tomorrow!

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