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About a year ago as my college education and gymnastics career were coming to an end I was extremely excited to be able to start the next journey of my life. I graduated from West Virginia University with a Strategic Communications degree. Trust me, much more interesting than it sounds. It is kind of like a dual major in one. The major combines Public Relations and Advertising into one. I am super passionate about Public Relations and have a 4.0 in my major which is pretty impressive if you ask me! I’m not the biggest fan of the advertising side of it but it was still pretty interesting to learn and also gives me what I think, an edge over my fellow professionals. As I took the steps to enter the industry I never wanted to lose any part of my creative thinking/writing ability.

So, I started Erica Samone, my blog. Choosing to embark on the blogging industry was a decision I thought about for quite a while. But I was so excited to learn as much as I could about an industry that I have very little experience in. It reminded me of being a student sitting in my very first intro to public relations class. The joy of learning and researching rushed through my entire body and gave me almost a sense of adrenaline. And a year later I feel that same adrenaline day in and day out trying to learn everything possible and become a leader and expert in my niche.

Through my journey of becoming a blogger I have really taken a true appreciation for other bloggers. I am obsessed with beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs and I knew that was exactly what I wanted to focus on. In the first few months of blogging I wanted to be an expert at everything. And I soon learned that I needed to pick and narrow down my topics.

Today, I consider myself as a Lifestyle Blogger. Kind of a fancy way of saying you like to write about basically everything! My relationship posts seem to do the best on my blog which I absolutely love. It comes so naturally for me to write about my relationship and experiences I have had.

I consider myself as a “self-proclaimed relationship guru.”

Eventually I want to transition my blog into a Travel Blog. I am so fascinated in the idea that bloggers get to travel the world and write/document their experiences for others to enjoy and experience.

Hopefully my blog grows to the point I can travel and blog for a living. Wouldn’t that be the dream!

Even though majority of my posts are relationship and lifestyle related doesn’t mean I don’t love throwing in a good fashion or beauty post. You may even get the occasional recipe or food post! As a lifestyle blogger I don’t want my blog to be all about me. If there are any topics you want to see or have any ideas of a blog post, please do not hesitate to let me know. I don’t only blog for myself but also for you, so I want to make sure I am creating content that will attract my readers.

I really hope that you enjoy your time on my blog and find something that you like. I hope that you will support my journey and maybe find some inspiration for your own along the way!

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